Shortlisted work by Cait Hill, Lunel Laque, and Stefania Flex

Here at Mastered we love opportunities which provide exposure for our talented artists, but beyond that, we love giving opportunities for money-can’t-buy experiences – which is precisely what happened when our Nails program partnered with Minx.

The best-selling nail brand - and favourite of the program’s mentor, Marian Newman - approached Mastered to provide artists on the program with the opportunity to design their own nail wraps. So far, so good – our artists were following in the footsteps of artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, which is pretty amazing. But things turned up a gear when Minx decided that the winning designs would be produced and sold worldwide; with our artists receiving royalties for their work.

Sixteen of the most exciting emerging nail artists were selected by Minx co-founder Janice Jordan to have their designs turned into nail wraps, with the Minx: Mastered collection due to hit stores soon.

Congratulations to Cait Hill, Lunel Laque, Marie Harper, Julie Lee, Stefania Flex, Fran Thomas, Maria K. Scholtyssek, Hannah Bond, Theresa Foddering, Laura Streeter, Simone Gilbert, Tracey Lee, Sammi Newell, Melissa Weaver, Monique Hoefsmit and Kristine Toce.

At Mastered, we’re thrilled to work with the biggest names in fashion and beauty and we’re delighted to use those relationships to bring these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to our artists. We can’t wait to shop our artists’ designs and bring some Minx: Mastered designs to our nails.